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    “LIKI’ products are developed with all the care to ensure ease of use and safety for our customers at the end of the day with best in class space management having highest emphasis to the environment. We are constantly improving our products value based on continuous verification and improvement.

    Very carefully chosen hardware (mostly from world class manufacturers) are used in our products by keeping in mind that the safety and the aesthetic appeal of our products remain uncompromised.

    Using “LIKI’ product is like child’s play where the user’s age, height or physical ability is never a constraint.

    Our care and concern for the environment gets very well reflected through our user-friendly products that saves energy, resources and can be recycled with least damage to the world outside.

    “LIKI’ so far has not experienced any complain about the maintenance of its products. We proactively follow up our users periodically and update ourselves about inconvenience if any faced by our customers in maintaining the products. This in most cases leaves our customers truly happy as they find a friend in our approach and that reassures their confidence in “LIKI’ for sure.

  • Quality

    For Us “Quality is not an accident … It is a Habit”

    At “LIKI’ we strongly believe that “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution; that represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

    At “LIKI’ our windows and doors are made of best of everything that goes into it. Our appetite to choose the best of materials, fitting and fixtures follow the above with all sincerity and diligence.

    Beginning with use of best grade aluminum sections with best surface coating being done by using best in class technology from EUROPE and USA. All the fitting and fixtures used with “LIKI’ range of products are sourced from the best from the word leader (from EUROPE and AUSTRALIA) having decades of reputation. Finally, our best windows and doors get its perfect shape and size in our best in class in house manufacturing facility (ISO CERTIFIED ORGANISATION) to perennially deliver customers’ delight.

  • Excellent Material
  • Top Coating Producers
  • Renowned Suppliers

    COLOUR SELECTION TIPS Colors tell many stories silently. It is also observed that the color selection for windows often takes place even before the finishing of the house and its shading.

    There are alternatives available to choose color for the exterior journey.

    It can be to complement, contrast or match the house color.

    The popularity of powder coating in the rise because of the shades and the lasting nature of the finish. Along with the shades, available weather resistant property makes powder coating popular. This also works out to be an economical choice. Now powder coating is also available in matt finish with lots of popular colors like resistance to scratches and marks.

    PVF has low permeability for vapors, burns very slowly, and has excellent resistance to weathering and most aggressive environments such as industrial areas or seacoast locations.PVF coatings are highly resistant to chalking, fading, chipping and peeling and environmental stress such as acid rain and UV. The coatings are available in a widerange of colors, including metallics.

    Heat Transfer Film to apply on aluminum extrusions to create natural effects of wood. The aluminum extrusion is wrapped with the heat transfer film and then vacuumed by a nozzle to make sure the film contact directly on the aluminum surface. Through the sublimation process in an oven at 200 Cecilius degree, the photographic image on the film would penetrate the full depth of the powder coating of the aluminum surface and create a natural finish.
  • Hardware
    At “LIKI’ while selecting the hardware for the range of our Doors and Windows certain parameters such as ease of use and durability against the harsh weather conditions that the Doors and Windows are exposed to are taken care of. To achieve this, we source all our hardware and fittings from world leaders in the same field from Europe and Australia.
  • Glass
    Generally, glass comprises of a large area of the windows and doors. Through this one gets the view of the world outside. To make this experience worthwhile inside of the room needs to be prevented from outside noise, Heat and Solar radiations. At “LIKI’ the same concern is addressed with absolute diligence to ensure a noise free, Solar radiation free living experience.

      6mm clear+12mm Ar gap+6mm Low-e

      Due to Argon gas put into the internal space the insulation performance improves many fold and that in turn results in better thermal and sound insulation properties.


      6mm tinted grey+12mm Ar gap+6mm clear
      Due to the use of tinted pane, solar heat and UV transmission and the entry of the sunlight gets substantially reduced. This is very suitable for windows sunbeam of the summer sun for a longer duration in the day.

      5mm clear+12mm Ar gap+6mm clear+12mm Ar gap+6mm Low-e

      This IGU comes with best in class insulation option to with stand extreme and harsh weather condition.


      6mm clear+12mm Ar gap +6mm clear+1.14PVB+6mm Low-e

      It is a perfect combination that protects the penetration of sound, solar heat and the harsh chill of the winter. If it is fitted with a reflective outer pane the efficiency increases many fold.

      6mm clear+1.14P VB+6mm+1.14PVB+8mm Low-e
      Low-E (Emissivity) glass enhances the insulation value of the three pane laminate unit.  these glasses are special for security and UV Radiation and minimise heat redution. Very suitable for building face to express way and high noisy area.

      6mm clear+1.14PVB+6mm+12mm Ar gap +6mm+1.14PVB+6mm Low-e
      This is best in class insulation combination of an DGU. Performance wise this is excellent in all weather conditions in general and for optimum temperature retention in winter in particular.
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